The Six Top Benefits to Utilizing CANVIVA’s Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer with Lemongrass and Essential Oils

The Lemongrass Hand Sanitizer by CANVIVA is the perfect product for your educational, retail and professional environment. It leaves hands clean without any sticky residue behind and has a fresh citrusy scent that will leave you feeling refreshed after using it! This sanitizer also kills 99.99% of germs in 30 seconds or less while leaving no unpleasant chemical smell on your skin like other products do, this means everyone can use our hand sanitizers with peace of mind throughout their daily routine - we recommend them to protect yourself from viruses such as Covid-19 and the delta variant. Today we are going to go over the top six reasons why you should purchase this hand sanitizer product for your office, retail, or public venues today!


CANVIVA offers a 70% ethyl alcohol content, which is proven to kill germs more effectively than soap and water. Lemongrass has a fresh citrusy scent that leaves hands clean without any sticky residue left behind. Plus we use ginger to make the product smell great. A six pack of CANVIVA 64 Oz hand sanitizer administers over 10,000 applications for less than $100.00 per case. This industrial hand sanitizer solution is a great value for business professionals who are seeking multiple distribution points across their campus. CANVIVA lemongrass hand sanitizer takes 30 seconds or less to eliminate bacteria. This means no waiting time when you're walking into your next meeting.


Our best selling hand sanitizer offers a unique built in pump. Our professional hand sanitizer system is conducive to dispensing and can also be used to administer refills. By offering your team a built in pump hand sanitizer, you are enabling the people you care about most to have easy access to refilling pocket size hand sanitizer bottles. Our 64 oz half gallon bottles performs well with a built in pump cap that allows for easy use in a variety of professional settings.


CANVIVA is committed to your health & safety. Our lemongrass hand sanitizer with jojoba oil product is safe for those who visit grocery stores, schools, retail centers, or even professional office buildings. The ingredients that we use are FDA approved and our product is manufactured in an FDA certified facility. All of our documentation has been published and is registered with the FDA and the National Drug Code (NDC). CANVIVA’S product is FDA & QTC compliant

Jojoba oil is safe and extremely effective. Our hand sanitizer with jojoba kills certain bacteria and fungi that can cause salmonella, E. Coli, and candida. It works with your skin to fight oxidative stress caused by everyday exposure to pollutants and other toxins.


CANVIVA offers a true gel product with moisturizer using jojoba oil. The jojoba plant is a hearty, perennial plant that grows in North America. Jojoba oil is moisturizing and has the ability to help your skin retain water. We utilize this moisturizing oil to help seal your skin with a protective barrier that keeps it from losing moisture. Jojoba oil's makeup is similar to the oil that our bodies naturally produce, so that our skin can't tell the difference.

Fresh Scent

By using essential oils like Ginger & Lemongrass inside of our hand sanitizer product, we're able to make a better product. Botanicals set our CANVIVA hand sanitizer because we're able to mitigate the drying effect of alcohol used in hand sanitizer. The addition of botanicals will help your customers think of hand sanitizer as a self-care regimen instead of just a preventative hygiene tactic.


CANVIVA’s 64 oz hand sanitizer pump bottle provides over 2,500 applications per bottle and allows for large teams, offices, and retail centers to utilize effective, convenient, safe, and moisturizing hand sanitizer. The six pack case price that we sell allows you to purchase 15,000 applications for less than $100.00 per case. We've designed this case of hand sanitizer for business.

Next Day Delivery Available

The Lemongrass Hand Sanitizer by CANVIVA is the perfect product for your educational, retail and professional environment. Our product is effective because it contains 70% ethyl alcohol content. Our built in hand sanitizer pump offers a professional solution for dispensing hand sanitizing gel that offers moisturizing benefits using jojoba oil as well as essential oils like ginger & lemongrass inside of our hand sanitizer product to make a better smelling and more effective product. We offer a true gel with moisturizer which means you can use less quantity per application than other liquid-based products on the market today. With one 64 oz bottle we're able to provide 2,500 applications! So what are you waiting for? Protect your team with a professional hand sanitizer solution. Contact us today.

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