CANVIVA offers protection against the Covid-19 Delta variant

With all the new threats to public health, it's vital your Minneapolis business is protected from the COVID-19 delta variant. Hand sanitizer can be an important part of that protection! CANVIVA's hand sanitizing products help protect you against the COVID-19 Delta Variant, which is one of the most urgent public health concerns today. Our 64 oz hand sanitizer product is produced locally in Minneapolis, MN and is available for same day shipping and local pickup.

Clean hands are important for the people you care about most, whether that be your customers or your employees. We need everyone to stay healthy and feel confident as they return to normal and begin entering offices and stores across the Twin Cities. Hand sanitizers provide a convenient and easy way for people to prevent themselves from getting sick in the first place.

Minneapolis Based Hand Sanitizer Company CANVIVA

We are a Minneapolis, Minnesota based hand sanitizer company that has invested heavily into the safety and wellness of the community. Our proprietary hand sanitizing blend is made with 70% ethyl alcohol and is free of the harshest synthetic chemicals. We've added jojoba oil to help moisturize your hands and essential oils using ginger and lemongrass for an uplifting scent.

We understand the threat on our hands. Experts are saying that unvaccinated people are at the most risk. The Delta variant, which was first identified in India and has now been seen around the world, is highly contagious. In December of last year it rapidly swept through that country before reaching Britain a few months later. When this variant reached America recently they found that it had become the dominant strain here as well.

Canviva's Extra Strength Hand Sanitizer Collection

Our hand sanitizer product is a fantastic smelling solution that can be used in just seconds to eliminate 99% of the germs entering public buildings. We can help protect your employees and customers from getting sick in the first place, which is important for those to feel safe as they return to work in a post-pandemic world.

Experts are saying that the delta variant is the fastest, fittest and most formidable version of the coronavirus, according to Reuters. Hand sanitizer should be used frequently throughout the day as well as before eating or after using the restroom. The USA Today recommends that Americans utilize hand sanitizer to protect themselves against Corona Virus. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the COVID-19 viruses are constantly changing through mutation, and new variants of a virus are expected to occur.

CANVIVA aims to be Minnesota's hand sanitizer solution and serve the Minneapolis hand sanitizer market. We provide hand sanitizer for delta variant protection. As Covid-19 cases continue to rise across the United States, we will serve the Minneapolis St. Paul market and monitor the world health organization's recommendation for protection against sars cov-2.

No matter what part of Minnesota you run your business in, CANVIVA offers an extra strength hand sanitizer solution that can your business needs. Ideally, we hope that the people you care about most are fully vaccinated and that you wash your hands frequently.

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