CANVIVA Offers 64 OZ Lemongrass Hand Sanitizer with 70% Ethyl Alcohol

CANVIVA has never been in a better position to provide the best possible hand sanitizer product to professionals across the Twin Cities and beyond. Not only does our product meet CDC guidelines, but our facility is FDA approved and produces products that are used for hospitals. Furthermore, CANVIVA's lemongrass-scented hand sanitizer does not contain methanol which can harm cells from developing properly or cause nerve damage among other serious health issues!

What sets us apart from other hand sanitizers?

CANVIVA Hand Sanitizer is the best in its class, and it’s not just because of our 70% ethyl alcohol content. We add Jojoba oil to keep our clients hands moisturized, whether they are employees at your office, or customers inside your retail or gym setting. We want everyone to feel protected from the COVID-19 coronavirus and the delta variants. Beyond our ethyl alcohol content, we include all-natural essential oils like Ginger and Lemongrass to provide an awesome smelling experience that is uplifting and leaves people feeling refreshed. People actually enjoy using CANVIVA Hand Sanitizer.

All of our products ingredients have been approved by the FDA, and while other hand sanitizer products are made with 62 percent ethyl alcohol, or even 65 percent ethyl alcohol. Our professional hand sanitizer product is made with 70% ethyl alcohol. The percentage of alcohol content matters because the alcohol helps to kill bacteria and viruses. According to Medical News Today, alcohol-based hand sanitizers should contain at least 60% ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol.

We offer a 64 oz Hand Sanitizer pump bottle that dispenses high quality hand sanitizer. The use of 70% ethyl alcohol makes our product more effective than the competition. Our price per bottle makes our product effective for large teams in professional business settings and we can provide smaller sized travel bottles for those who are on the go and require it. We utilize jojoba oil and include lemongrass and ginger, plant based essential oils that differentiate the product by making it smell great. All of our products are designed to be industrial grade and provide protection from viruses and bacteria.

We also can provide personal sized 2-ounce bottles that are ideal for employees, students, or customers who are on the go. Lemongrass hand sanitizer is great for business retail centers and commercial offices that sense the needs to bring people back to work, but are concerned about the Covid-19 Delta Variant. 

What are the Experts Saying?

Experts are saying that the most important thing people can do is get vaccinated. Regular handwashing remains one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of germs that cause, COVID, flu, colds, and a host of other ailments. Soap and water is the best option, but if that is not available, carry an alcohol-based sanitizer.

How To Use an Alcohol Based Sanitizer:

To use hand sanitizer, apply an even amount to your hands and rub them together.

  1. All visible organic matter (for example: dirt) must be removed from hands prior to applying hand sanitizer.
  2. Apply about a dime sized amount of hand sanitizer to the palm of one hand.
  3. Rub your hands together briskly, make sure to rub front, back and sides, including between your fingers.
  4. Add more hand sanitizer if needed.
  5. Gently scrape fingernails across palms to get hand sanitizer under your nails.
  6. Stop rubbing in the sanitizer only once your skin is dry.


Keep alcohol-based hand sanitizing gel out of the reach of young children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away. Children under 6 years old should be supervised when using this product so that they don't accidentally swallow it and need emergency care as soon as possible.

The CDC recommends that Americans use soap and water to wash their hands throughout the day. When soap and water is not available, they recommend using FDA approved hand sanitizer, like the hand sanitizer products produced by CANVIVA. 

Who is CANVIVA and What Does the Brand Stand For?

Our mission is to be the best so you can be best. CANVIVA’s mission is to be your trusted, go-to brand for industrial hand sanitizer. We do that by offering superior quality product formulations to help protect you wherever you are during your day. Keeping you safe is our top priority. That’s why we manufacture all our products locally using the safest and highest quality ingredients. Our team has over 40 years of professional experience

We’ve never been in a better position to provide the best possible hand sanitizer product for professionals across our Twin Cities and beyond. Our product meets CDC guidelines, and our facility is FDA approved. CANVIVA Hand Sanitizer is the best in its class, and it's not just because of our 70% ethyl alcohol content. We add Jojoba oil to keep your hands moisturized while protecting you from COVID-19 coronavirus or delta variants that may be transmitted by contact with other people’s fluids or surfaces contaminated with these viruses. You can purchase one of our 64 oz Hand Sanitizer pump bottles for your office or team today!

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