CANVIVA Helps Keep Fairgoers Safe During 2021 Minnesota State Fair

The Great Minnesota Get Together Returns Thursday August 26th, 2021

The Great Minnesota Get-Together has been a staple of the state for over 160 years and this year, after the Covid-19 pandemic last summer took vendors out of commission at the event, attendees will be happy to know that 975 vendors, including dozens of new ones, selling food and merchandise or putting on exhibits across the fairgrounds. With stricter safety regulations implemented by organizers this year than ever before due to the increase of the COVID-19 Delta Variant across America recently, people are seeking reassurance about visiting the fair.

CANVIVA Wellness provides safe and effective hand sanitizer products

Natural and Safe Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer from CANVIVA 

In an effort to assist in the health and wellness of all Minnesotans, CANVIVA Wellness, a local Eden Prairie based natural products business, has created a Minnesota State Fair special for vendors and participants at the Minnesota State Fair. Founder, Dave Rye had this to say regarding his company’s commitment to the health and wellness of Minnesotans as they embark on their annual pilgrimage to the land of Cheese Curds and Sweet Cookies, 

“We were happy to be able to make a meaningful contribution to the safely of all fairgoers, the many volunteers, and its staff. Our FDA approved formulation, along with a built in dispensing pump, made this an easy implementation across the Fairgrounds” 

Dave Rye, co-founder of CANVIVA

Rye, along with the CANVIVA team, donated a significant amount of the moisturizing CANVIVA Lemongrass Hand Sanitizer with Jojoba Oil and Ginger. By doing so, CANVIVA Wellness has quickly become the number one option for local Minnesota business owners who are seeking to fight the delta variant and bring back normalcy to their offices and meeting places across the country. 

CANVIVA’s 64 OZ hand sanitizer includes essential oils and a built-in pump dispenser that allows for over 2,000 uses before needing a refill. CANVIVA also sells the one-gallon hand sanitizer refill bottles that can easily be purchased on their website today. Overall, Rye’s team is committed to doing their part in helping local vendors and state fair goers stay healthy and maintain their wellness goals while they browse and enjoy everything that the state fair has to offer.

MN State Fair Special for Hand Sanitizer

For fair vendors and participants, CANVIVA is offering an amazing and effective deal to help keep your audience safe over the next two weeks and through the fall as the pandemic continues! For only $15.00 per unit, the half-gallon hand sanitizer with a built-in pump solution can handle hundreds of fairgoers per day at your local business. Produced with natural and effective ingredients and completely void of harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients, CANVIVA has created an effective solution that also smells great and keeps your hands feeling moisturized. The 64 oz hand sanitizer bottle is ideal for large crowds and public places. No need to worry about harmful toxins getting absorbed into your skin after use with CANVIVA. 

Our state fair hand sanitizer will help make sure that state fair participants are able to stay safe and healthy this summer during the fair, especially if they are weary of returning to the Minnesota State Fair. We guarantee our products are safe and effective because they are produced inside an FDA registered facility using ingredients that have been approved by the FDA.

CANVIVA Hand Sanitizer is Made Locally and Effective

CANVIVA, a Minnesota plant-based therapy company was already offering natural wellness products prior to the pandemic. Since 2018, CANVIVA has been dedicated to serving the local Twin Cities community with their CBD Beauty & Wellness products. When the pandemic struck, CANVIVA took a chance and began producing a moisturizing hand sanitizer to help keep their community safe against the effects of COVID-19 and the ongoing pandemic. 

Our hand sanitizer is made with lemongrass and jojoba oil to provide a moisturizing and enjoyable smelling experience

We offer a natural and safe lemongrass hand sanitizer that consists of 70% ethyl alcohol as it's active ingredient. With our headquarters based in Minnesota and our manufacturing local, CANVIVA is set up for success when it comes to distributing hand sanitizer across the state during the second and third waves of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Our ingredients are natural and safe consisting mainly of 70% ethyl alcohol which leaves your hands hydrated while smelling nice!  Our half gallon hand sanitizer jug with built in pump is on-sale for only $15.00 per unit. This equates to over 2,500 pumps per bottle. A ridiculously low price, meant to keep your team safe without breaking the bank on a preventative measure. 

Data Around COVID-19 and the Delta Variant 

In order to get the word out there about CANVIVA's mission to help protect both vaccinated people and unvaccinated people, we are donating our Minnesota hand sanitizer to help better assist with state fair safety. At the end of the day, we want to protect Minnesotans from getting sick. Covid-19 cases are on the rise and the Minnesota Department of Health is closely monitoring the pandemic.

While indoors, the center for disease control and prevention is recommending that participants wear a mask and wash their hands with soap, we are also offering our 70% ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer stations to all of the local vendors participating in the MN State Fair. We believe that with the right mix of precaution and safety, Minnesotans can enjoy themselves outside at the MN State Fair responsibly. 

 Will we see you there? 

Let us know if you are attending! 


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